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Who is Responsible for Your Orgasm

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Who is Responsible for Your Orgasm
Who is Responsible for Your Orgasm

It is a submissive’s responsibility to make sure the dominant (always) reaches orgasm.

No True Way

There are so many d/s rules that I was unaware of before No True Way. This is a prime example. I had no idea that it was my subs responsibility to make sure that I always have an orgasm. I have (yet again) been doing it all wrong.

I do have some questions though. Am I to be brought to orgasm a specific number of times a day? Is it once per hour or is it as soon as I am able to have another orgasm?

What about when I am asleep? When I am grocery shopping, or cooking dinner? Should she be making sure that I am having an orgasm then?

This is all hyperbole of course, used to illustrate the ridiculous nature of the question. So many of these questions are based on poor logic or wishful thinking. Not all d/s is sexual in nature. Not all people even sex orgasm as a part of d/s at all. Still other can’t orgasm for whatever reason.

And all of this ignores the submissive’s need and desires, what about her orgasm? Who is the person responsible for their orgasm.

As with so much of kink the answer is, whatever you and your partner(s) decide. As long as what you do is with consent and care and love, that is what matters.


No True Way

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