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Life is Ridiculous and So am I

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Lillith, and others, in my life often tell me I am ridiculous and silly. They are right, I am often silly and dom, all at the same time.

As far as I am concerned most of life is ridiculous. We have to do so many silly things each and every day, most of which are pointless. We elect ridiculous people to be in charge and they proceed to be more insane then we could have ever thought.

There is a global pandemic happening and yet a significant number of people seem to deny that it is a problem at all, but those same people seem to believe a mask is dangerous.

These are just a few tiny examples of the madness that surrounds us every day. So I personally think that my ridiculousness is A) harmless and 2) the only way I can hope to maintain equanimity in the face of the rest of life.

To be honest I think more people should adopt my attitude because the world is mad and life is short and we should do as many things that make us happy as possible. Anything less than that wastes the little time we have.

I plan to be silly and funny and ridiculous and loving and loved until the moment I shuffle off this mortal coil.

As I write this I am being silly and loving with my amazing Lillith. I know my silly often drives her mad, but I also know that it also makes her smile.

We both get to be our whole selves with each other and as she just said to me that is precious and she is right. So we will go forward and wring as much pleasure as is possible from the days ahead of us.

Days full of love and d/s and kink and silly and the ridiculousness of life, together.


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