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A symbol of freedom

A symbol of freedom

Much of life is full of symbols. Some are required for everyday life. They are a shorthand to communicate information without using words and are often meant to be understood no matter what language you speak. I would say from my point of view that the symbols on clothing fail miserably at this.

We use these glyphs in many other parts of our lives as well. To represent aspects of ourselves and to share them in a way that can identify who we are to others, so that they have some notion of whether or not we have something in common. A bond that is shared. It might be a band or a political statement or even a religion.

We learn to spot these as we move through life. And as we find our tribes or families we add more. A cross, a tattoo, a scarf. We bind ourselves to the people we love and care for with more symbols. My tattoos tell of my previous relationships and even those have ended they are reminders of those important moments in my life. Now I wear a bracelet with the words “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” and a necklace with a key to symbolize my D/s and love with Lillith, she wears the bracelet that the key unlocks.

Whether worn or not, a collar is never off

Those are the words from the No True Way prompt. And I think that mostly that is true. A symbol is a powerful thing. While it is not the thing itself it can help remind you of that connection. But taking off a collar, a ring, a bracelet, or anything else does not break the bond. It is not the action that changes anything but the intent behind it. When I take off the runes of our relationship to shower and that doesn’t mean that I stop being her Dom or that I don’t love her. The only time anything might change would be if you removed your collar with the intention to end things. Again it is the intent that matters.

A symbol, no matter what thing it is, is a signifier, a representation of the thing and I know that it can be hard to separate those things, that if you lose that object it can feel heartbreaking. That just means that you are invested in both the symbol and what that symbol means to you and that is perfectly acceptable.

I love our symbols, I love our D/s, I love the sum of us. So collar or not, she is mine and I am hers and that is the most important part of all.


No True Way

2 thoughts on “A symbol of freedom”

    Thank you for participating in the first prompt and sharing your thoughts.
    It’s the intent that is important, but the symbol can be the intent made visible.

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