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Beyond Care

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I don’t usually wait this long to write these posts. I did this time because I knew that Lillith and I would be together again. I wanted to write it while we were together because, well, while I do provide care while we are apart it isn’t quite the same.

I have never claimed to be an expert at anything. I have always seen myself as a jack of all trades and a master of none. I am quite happy with that assessment. In my experience people who claim to be masters often let their own sense of accomplishment override their skills and make terrible mistakes through over-confidence.

Not that I don’t make mistakes. I make them all the time and sometimes the same mistake more than once. But I try to learn from them and be better in the future. This brings us to today’s #NTW

Aftercare is mandatory for subs.

And this is an easy prompt, yes, aftercare is mandatory for subs. Of course I have to be difficult and complicate things and not leave it alone. Not only is aftercare mandatory for sub, but doms, and spouses and kids and friends and pets and…

And not just aftercare, but just care, always. Care before something big, caring during that thing, and care after that thing. Care for all! Always!

This obviously isn’t easy because sometimes we need care too before we can care for others and sometimes we just need a minute or a week or a month to get everything in our own space worked out. Not only that, but we will often fail to give the care that is needed, or the right amount of care or we don’t pay attention to what care means to others.

That doesn’t mean we can’t and shouldn’t strive for that ideal. To offer everyone that we can the care that they need and the care that they deserve and get the same in return. I will always try to meet that goal no matter how often I fail to do so and I will offer an apology to anyone I haven’t cared for properly.

I am sorry that I did not live up to the ideals I hold and I will do my best to do better, be better, in the future.

That isn’t just for d/s but it certainly does include d/s for me.

It is beyond care, it is love.


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