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The Sixth Sensuality

Hands touching for Sixth Sensuality

Too often we think of thing to narrowly. That words have a single meaning and not many, if not multitudes. I love words, the way they make me feel, the way they rumble in my brain, the way they feel in my mouth. The power they have when unleashed. That seems to be the case when it comes to our senses. We take them for granted and limit their impact on every moment of our lives. I believe that the five sense when taken together are more than the sum of their parts and combine in sensuality in way that brings us joy if we let them.


The feeling of the sun, warm on your face, your body. The breeze soft and gentle, or the wind, raging and tearing at you. The feeling of stubble against your cheek, rough and scratching. The cold of winter bright and biting and harsh, but bracing and exhilarating. A hand on your hand, caring and full of weight and meaning. Skin goose bumping under your fingers as you slide, slowly and lovingly tracing every curve and valley. Wetness, hot and enveloping welcoming you, sucking at you. The beat of their heart as your hands close around their throat.


A sunrise as light touches and wakes a quiet world. Nature, the world around you full of life and beauty, small and almost unnoticed until you stop and truly see. The words you type on a screen, appearing as if magic transforming thoughts into vision. Reading a book that transports you to another world, time or place. Her smile, her face, the look of submission and love in her eyes. Seeing her when she doesn’t know you are watching, just being. The beads of perspiration that appear like drops of dew as I make her come.


The song of birds in the spring, the crickets in summer, the leaves in Autumn, the whisper of snow falling in winter. A song that lifts your heart, or makes you cry. The purring of the cat on your lap, peaceful and sleeping. A childs laugh of pure joy. The sound of rain on a tin roof. The sound of a steak, sizzling and spitting as it cooks. Her, speaking your name as she tells you how much she loves you. Her cries of pleasure, of pain, of ecstasy.


The aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Freshly baked bread. The smell after a Spring rain. Clean sheets. Garlic on anything. Your brand of cigarette smoke. Meat on the grill. Flowers, wet leaves. a wood fire. Every single thing in Reading Terminal Market in Philly. A leather jacket. The smell of her, in the small hollow just at the base of her neck. Of her cunt, of the aftermath of our sex. The freshness of us after a shower.


The sweet/tart of lemonade. That same cup of coffee that smelled so good. The crisp bite of a cold apple. Grapes that burst in your mouth and flood it with sweet goodness. The taste of the sea while you swim and echoed in steamed littleneck clams dipped in drawn butter and salt water taffy. Everything you eat at an American cookout including Ambrosia. Vallage Triple Cream Cheese, Smoked Austrian, and a good Wisconsin Cheddar with yellow mustard. The taste of her sweat, every inch of her skin and her delicious lips.

The Sense of Sensuality

The feeling you get when you see the words typing… or recording audio… in Whatsapp conversations with your girlfriend that only grows when you read the words or listen to the audio. The ordinary pictures you exchange to share your day to day life and the sexy, naughty, nasty pictures you share to stir each other. Those moments you get to spend in person combining all of your senses and all the things listed above that somehow become more powerful and meaningful when shared. We are creatures of our senses and if we spend time concentrating on the we can make almost every act of our lives better, So exercise your senses and create your own sixth sensuality.


15 thoughts on “The Sixth Sensuality”

    I believe our senses become highly intensified when we are newly in love, as well…or actually, anytime we have sudden releases of chemicals related to emotion. We are like animals on high alert. Sometimes I miss those sensations being so constant and all-consuming. But after 14 years with my love, they have dulled to a low rumble at my core, every bit as important yet less overwhelming.

    This is a beautiful post, btw.

    Thank you very much Brigit, I personally feel that the enduring love can be just as powerful ( to me) as new love. I am glad you saw beauty in my writing. πŸ™‚

    I agree to your reply to Brigit – I just think we have to a-tune our senses more when we have been with someone a long time – and then it can be more powerful for sure

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