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Feed The Fire of Love

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Feed the Fire of Love

Why do people need to promote they way they love as superior to the way other people love?

That d/s is better than non kink, that polyamory is better than monogamy?

Love is what matters, not the style you love. What matters is that you love fiercely and with commitment. That you love your partner(s) in a way that makes you, and them, happy.

If you require your love to be “better” than how others love then it seems to me that you might be insecure in how that love is perceived by others, that maybe it is more a performance for an audience for approval than a focus on your love itself.

The timing of this prompt is appropriate because I have been thinking about love a lot lately. How love is not the same for everyone.

The way that I love is the right way for me and for me only. It doesn’t mean that my way is the right way or the only way. Just that I have learned what I am capable of when it comes to love and just as importantly what I am not.

In my experience what love means to someone changes and evolves as we go through life. I know that my understanding of love has changed over the years.

The love I need today is not the same as the love I needed at 16 or 20 or 50. I have had loves who have helped me discover what I do need, and just as importantly what I don’t need. The same applies to everyone else.

I have wandered fairly fair from the prompt so maybe I should remind you, and me, what it is.

You will never find a more loyal lover than a submissive.

Their hearts burn in an altogether different level.

This is another example of trying to set what you are above what others have. The amount your heart burns is not dependent of what form that love take, it burns because you set it ablaze and you keep that fire burning by feeding it you attention, your love and your desire.


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