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Take It To The Limit

Take it to the limit

The difference between a submissive and slave are limits.
Slaves don’t have limits.

Unlike all the other No True Way posts where I always say that YMMV and that YKINMYBYKIOK I won’t be doing that with this prompt.

Here is my take. There are always limits, always. There should be limits or what we call d/s is really just dangerous abuse. Anyone who wants someone that they can do anything they want with is someone you should stay very far away from. Conversely if you need someone that has no limits at all I am equally concerned.

For me no limits is a giant red flag

Yes BDSM plays with the edges, yes, much of it is risky and requires attention, thought and detail. We use pain and humiliation and mind fucks to explore those desires. But we do is to give pain to get pleasure, to hurt, but not harm. Limits are built into that equation.

I need limits, I need limits from my partner and I need them to know my limits. There are things that I just wont do. There should be things that you wont do either. Agreeing on what you will and wont do is part of the wonderful dance of d/s and if one partner refuses to dance with you how are you supposed to take it to the limit? But not one inch beyond that limit.


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