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Assume the Position

Assume the Position
Assume the Position

Every submissive should know their positions, so they can please their Master when needed.

Here in Castle Signs I make sure every sub that I consider owning goes through an intensive training course to be sure that they will always please me. The most important of the many training session is the position training. That they learn to flawlessly execution the very kinky d/s positions pictured above.

I have hired the finest trainers from around the globe to make sure they all able to assume the position on command under any circumstance. They are made to wear the appropriate outfits and compete with each other to even hope to be considered in a leading role in my coterie of subs.

As lord and master of all that I survey I demand only the most finely trained and molded subs to suit my exquisitely refined tastes. After all, I deserve only the best and they are lucky to have to opportunity to have even the slightest chance to serve me.

Or not.

I don’t give a damn about positions, or protocol to suit others. I want what we have defined as our roles between us. With all the joy and pleasure that finding what those things are. I am happy to learn and read and discuss the things other people do without judgement or condemnation. But I have no need for approval from anyone but her.

I hope all those that find joy and structure from positions and protocol are happy and contented. For me though when I tell her to assume the position the only one I care about is the position that puts her in my arms. I will place her in any other position I need.


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