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The Experiment

The Experiment

Today Lillith and I are starting something new. Something that I am calling The Experiment. I am not going to spell it all out for you dear reader but I will give you some highlights.

We have created some shared online documents that we will use to chart and modify our explorations in dominance and submission. They will be a way for us to communicate our desires and needs for d/s. There are no majors changes to the rules we have established so far. It is a place to launch from and record what works and equally as important what doesn’t.

We both want a structured approach that doesn’t stay static, but evolves as we do as a couple, as partners, as lovers, as dom and sub. One of the things that I have learned is not to take what we have for granted. To out in the thought and the work to make us the best we can be. No assumptions.

It is my hope what we learn and practice here with The Experiment will serves us in good stead from many years to come. I know there will be mistakes and successes but that is the point of life, the universe and everything. It is my hope that this will give us a foundation to explore and keep up the most important thing you can do, communication.

The Experiment only lasts for thirty day and then we will decide what we do moving forward. I know I am excited to find out how it goes. From her reaction so far I think she is too. I know what we do isn’t for everyone and it shouldn’t. It is just for us.

There will be more posts about this as we progress, and more details for you to read about. I look forward to those posts, both mine and hers and maybe you will be happy to be our witness to our living and growing d/s.

Right now I have have to finish writing so that she can read this before I send her to sleep.

I love you my Lillith.


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