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A Submissive Knows

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a submisiive knows

Time for another #NTW post, and as usual it is a fun one:

A submissive knows that they should learn to control their tongue when annoyed with their dominant.

Communication eh? But only when it is words the dom wants to hear. Why should the dom concern themselves about how their sub is feeling, am I right? Why should the dom even be aware of how their sub is feeling. They only exist as an expression of the doms desire.

I am not a wizard, or a psychic, or a mind reader. I am just a human doing my best to interact with another human. We all are. I know that as a dom I am always supposed to know exactly what my sub needs at all time. I should be completely aware of how they are feeling and always know how to handle any situation. Or not maybe.

Maybe like any other human I am not constantly aware of all things all the time (shocking I know) I miss cues, and subtle messages. I don’t respond to the subtext of a conversation , I miss the context of something important. Because I am not omnipotent.

I always want to know when Lillith is annoyed with me. I always want to know when I have gotten something wrong. Likewise I want her to know when I am annoyed with her and when she has gotten something wrong. That is the basis of any good relationship, communication. If that isn’t present then it can’t last.

Any relationship is hard, LDR doesn’t make it any easier. In person you have the additional cues of body language and tone of voice. But even then there is no substitute for clear communication. If there is room for ambiguity and doubt then the chances of misinterpretation is far greater.

Don’t hint around if you are unhappy or upset, say so, loudly and clearly so that your needs are known. Otherwise people (I) will get it wrong. I would always rather know than be unsure. That doesn’t mean that you have to react instantly. Often I find with a bit of time and thought what seemed a big thing in the moment was just me having a bad day and taking things the wrong way.

In the end there is no substitute for knowing, not guessing, not inferring, just plain talk.

A submissive knows and a dom knows…

That they should always speak their mind.


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