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Hold Please


A Dom doesn’t need to ever use the word

This is the prompt for the current No True Way.

Of course a dom doesn’t need to say please, or thank you, or you’re welcome. A dom doesn’t need to be polite to anyone ever, and certainly not to their sub. A dom is the master of all he surveys. The whole world is theirs to command, to take and use as he sees fit. Nothing or no one is immune to their will.

Subs most of all don’t get the common courtesies that doms will sometimes express to other authority figures in the world. A subs place is to do as they are told and if they are good subs do it before they are told. There is no need to expend precious energy on a piece of property after all that is all they are, property. You wouldn’t thank your coffee machine for making you coffee, why would you thank the sub for bringing it to you?

Your sub is an extension of your will made flesh. Made to serve and be grateful that they can bring you pleasure by serving. That is their place and anything else might given them the illusion that they might be anything more than that. Honestly that is what they desire. To be of service and if they have done exceptionally well why you just might let them sleep in your bed from time to time. So long as they don’t get presumptuous.

Yeah, that is about enough of that nonsense as I can manage.

Yes of course I say please and thank you to my Lillith. To me being a dom is not all about me, it is about trying to be the best person I can with her help and I do the same for her. I am sure that somewhere there are people who want to live a life where their subs are just things and subs who want that too, I am just not one of those people. I want d/s to be part of my whole life. Just not ALL of my life. I want love and laughter and tears and mean days and anything else that makes our whole lives better.

Sure, we might have kink moments where we both decide that we behave differently for a while, but I will not accept times like that without the foundation that we have built based on respect for each other. I love her and I care for her and I want her to be as happy as she makes me and that is what is important.


No True Way

2 thoughts on “Hold Please”

    Haha! You had me going for a minute! Basic human courtesy does not stop just because of a power dynamic. I do agree that a scene may dictate otherwise, but in general, Dom should not be afforded free range to just be assholes.

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