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All That and A Bag Of Chips

She thinks I’m crazy. She might be right but I hope it is a good kind of crazy. She was hoping for so chips tonight and it didn’t happen. I offered to get her some and sent her a link that listed the odd sorts of flavors you can get in the UK. I got a message back listing the ones she would like. I told her that I would round them up and send them to her. She expressed her disbelief with this reply “Are you being serious?

I am serious about sending them to her. If I was with her I would go out in a blinding snowstorm and walk two miles up hill, both ways, to get them for her.

That is why she says I am crazy. Because I would do something like that for her. The thing is I like making her happy and if chips, or ice cream or even anchovies (shudder) are what it takes to do that, then that is what I will do.

I know that this doesn’t sound like d/s to most people, but it is. She is mine, and not just mine to use but to care for and take care of. That is what I think a dom should do. It needs to be more than just her serving me. I love her and I need her to know that, and be willing to give back so that she knows that I value what she has given me.

Maybe that is crazy, but I did warn her from the very beginning that I was strange and that was never going to change. Caring for her is important to me and my vision of d/s. I can’t wait until we are together again so I have another chance to show her.

That she is all that, and a bag of chips.


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