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The Abrogation of Self

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The Abrogation of Self

The above picture represents how many dominants see themselves. As lord of the jungle. proud master of all they survey they reign supreme over the adoring subbies they command. Those subbies need nothing more than the knowledge that they are content to be nothing more than willing and grateful servants knowing this all they need and all they will ever need. Nothing more than that they make their dom happy.

And if that works for you and your people then that is great. But, it isn’t for everyone and it certainly isn’t for me. I can’t see the person that has chosen to submit to me as being less important than I am. I wouldn’t want a submissive that was satisfied with that. I need someone who wants more, someone who doesn’t just settle for what they are given. I want her to know her own mind, or even know when she doesn’t know her own mind. To speak up when she has needs or desire and yet also submits to my needs and desire.

What I have found is that those that subscribe to the discredited theory of the alpha male or ever worse the sigma male have bought into a bad version of the patriarchy incorrectly poached from the animal kingdom where wolf packs have a leader and the male lion is the mighty hunter in charge of the pride and none of that is the truth, packs and prides are cooperative groups. The need to dominate in every single part of your life is to me, a sign of a problem.

Do what works for you but I would suggest that you avoid the abrogation of self that is the outcome of

Pleasing the Dom…
…is the sub’s reward.

Unless that really works for you.


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