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A Year Ago I would have Never Pictured My Life The Way It Is Today

On December the 9th 2019 I met Lillith in person for the first time. I met her at the airport and we took a bus to the place that would become known as “A Bed and No Breakfast” . We had quite a time finding the place and once we did, there was no one there to tell us which room was ours.

We phoned the number that came with our booking and were told that they would be back soon. They were not back soon and it was damn cold. So we opened the gate and found all the lights on and all the rooms in the courtyard open to the world with the lights blazing so we picked a room and went inside to wait.

Not an auspicious start, right?

Eventually all was sorted out and we found ourselves alone. This was a big moment. Lillith had a firm rule that she would not submit to me until we had met. The moment I had hoped for, and was afraid of in equal measure was here. I had prepared for the best outcome and as if a miracle it happened. She knelt and offered her submission to me and I locked a bracelet around her wrist and I wear the key around my neck every day. This was the beginning of all we had talked about before meeting. To find out if this was a journey we wanted to take together.

We have spent a year learning more about ourselves, about each other and what d/s looks like for us. We have made mistakes (mostly me) but we keep right on going because it is worth it and as long as we both keep working at it, well, it can only get better.

Life is uncertain and as time goes by it has become to seem ever more fragile. That just means that is important to hold on to the things that are certain and dependable. I know that this is what I want and as long as she wants it too then there is nothing that can stop us.

So I have sent her a gift to commemorate the anniversary of our first year as dom and sub. This is not a gift that is about what is past. But a gift that is a promise of the future in what ever form it takes. I want her to know that I will be here for her no matter what.

I love you my Lillith.

I love you my little slut.

I love you my good girl.

I love you my partner.

I love you my friend.

I hope the year that we have spent together online and in person has meant as much to you as it has to me. And I hope that 2020 in spite of all the insanity and disaster has oddly still been a year that you never expected. In a good way.

I hope you love my gift and my promise of a future together.

It is almost time to open it πŸ™‚


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