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Behind Bars

Violet Fawkes is a brilliant blogger and a wonderful person and also runs some amazing memes. The one I am taking part in here is LIFE (Lingerie Is For Everyone) and I have taken part in the past.

Here is the thing. I don’t wear lingerie and while my partner Lillith does those are not my pictures to share. I am not a great fan of pictures of me. I tend towards doing silly or funny pictures because if I make fun of myself then I have beaten everyone else to the punch. I know that people find me sexy, but I just am mystified as too why when I look at pictures of me. We are, of course, our own worst critics and I am working on accepting my body and that people could find me attractive.

So here I am showing my ass, sort of, to support Violet if she deems this LIFE worthy and I hope at least that you enjoy the pun in my title, behind bars.



2 thoughts on “Behind Bars”

    Well, we are, in a very real sense, imprisoned. So I find your pun darkly hilarious! And sexy is well beyond body. Sexy is a package deal. I am usually sucked in by a smile…the eyes…intelligence…confidence…and then the rest is just part of the deal.

    violet fawkes says:

    Love this pic, love this post, love that you said such kind things about me. Thanks for linking up!

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