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Crime and Punishment


And Forgiveness

I have decided to try something different and record some audio for my thoughts on this. My apologies if I ramble. Let me know if I should do this again, or not.

2 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment”

    OMG disappointed Doms are the WORST! I’d prefer angry, disappointed is awful. I think much of it comes from, as you say, our own experiences with those things.

    Punishment in a D/s setting is so important for me. I have a tendency to beat myself up forever over every little thing (in life and in kink!) so I find the punishment aspect of D/s incredible soothing…for want of a better word. When I fuck up in my kinky relationships, my slate is wiped clean after the punishment. Knowing there are rules and consequences and that if I do fuck up that it will be dealt with actually makes me fuck up less too, I think because I’m not so worried about making a mistake that will live with me forever.

    p.s. you saying “bottom” made me blush!

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