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It’s Magic

We live surrounded by magic. I don’t mean the Abracadabra kind of magic, I mean the everyday kind that makes itself known in the mundanity of everyday life. Those things that move your heart and bring you joy. A good cup of coffee or tea (If tea is your cup of tea) a cigarette, a rainbow, or a thunderstorm. Those things that happen each and everyday that we take for granted. We are seldom mindful of all those things and think that they aren’t anything special, we tend to let them be absorbed by all the meaningless things we need to do to survive. I could spend hours listing all the things that make my life magical and that recitation would remain incomplete and not be even close to the same as yours.

There is a particular aspect that has been top of mind for me lately (who am I kidding? It has been all of my mind lately) and that is the magic of the other people in my life. Because love is magic, maybe not for you, but it certainly is for me. The ability that we have to feel a depth of emotion that can be all consuming is a special gift. Every love I have had, no matter the type, has enriched my life in some way.

The weird part about being human is that we never truly know everything about people, not even ourselves, and it is easy to get lost in analyzing what we feel and why. The risk is that we can lose the magic of those connections by spending our time rationalizing our feelings and desires and comparing them to the expectations that we, or society have.

That doesn’t mean that we should lose track of ourselves completely and perhaps find ourselves wrapped up in something that isn’t good for us in the end. But it also doesn’t mean that we should build walls and defenses to guard us from and chance of hurt and pain. In my opinion you need to assess the risks as best you can and decide if diving headlong into the dangerous waters of love is worth the potential for failure.

I have had some amazing loves in my life and I count myself a very lucky man. Every one of them has brought me joy and taught me so much that the endings, as painful as they have been, have been outweighed by happiness. (Their mileage may vary)

Now I find that strange magic in my life again. I will take all the good I have learned from those I have loved before and bring it to this new love. I will also carry the things I have gotten wrong and be mindful of not letting history repeat itself and if I make mistakes, to do my best to at least make them new ones.

I am sure all 6 of my readers are tired of me going about this all of the time, but sadly it will continue. I will say that it will be a love full of kink, and sex and utter filth as well as all of the mushy stuff. I won’t be ashamed of how I feel and how I express it. Because it is magic and we need to stop taking it for granted and celebrate it for ourselves and others when they find it.

I have been inspired by reading and music all my life and I have written this post because of the confluence of what I am reading, what I am listening to and what I feel. Once again synchronicity points out the connections and leads me to where I need to be and what I need to do.

Love, mindfully.


2 thoughts on “It’s Magic”

    Aptly put, sir. Love is a special blend of witchery that does all kinds of wonderful and mischievous things to the soul. We can lose sight of it if not mindful, though. Especially long term. I think that is why, sometimes, we lose it. Because we take it for granted. New love reminds us of this. Even hearing about someone else’s new love reminds us of this. Best to take care of our own houses, I suppose, but I do love to hear about a new romance, because things are so on-edge and fiery. The energy is infectious.

    This is such a beautiful way of looking at life. I am certainly guilty of not being mindful of the magic in my life. This is a lovely and timely reminder to me to get back to mindfulness, meditation and appreciating the wonder.

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