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My Indulgence

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My Indulgence

This started off to be a different post. But I abandoned that for the time being because it needs more thought and communication, or maybe we need to just do it first and then that post can be written. I do know that I can write this post here and now.

There are lots of words written about how a sub should care for her Dom but I don’t think that often there are enough written about caring for your sub. Well, more than caring. Maybe pampering is a better word.

After all she deserves that. To be cared for and looked after, loved and shown how important and valuable she is. Not only that but it is a way to show that I know what she likes and that her needs matter too. So this is my plan of how I will pamper her.

Obviously to start the day coffee is required and knowing how she likes her coffee is just as important as knowing how she likes to be spanked. After that it is time for her to write undisturbed. She is not a fan of food first thing in the morning, but a mid morning snack can often be a good idea.

The one thing I know for sure not to do is to go out for food. That means getting dressed and that is to be avoided for as long as possible. On this day of indulgence she can choose when it is time to change from her sleeping attire into something else. Should that moment come I would suggest a walk. A park or some place that isn’t too crowded and discuss all the things while we walk. Maybe do a together version of the scavenger hunt walk we did once. Neither of us are fans of the heat so someplace with good shade and a cool breeze.

Then it is lunchtime and I know that a nice cool salad would be an excellent choice or, as she just told me some yummy berries.. So if we have been out, it is back home and if not she can play online while I make something yummy for her. Then some reading on the sofa together maybe with some moments of discussion about what we are reading. I don’t know for sure that is something that she would enjoy because we haven’t ever had enough time together to spend it in this way. But something tells me that it might be a mood dependent thing.

After a lazy day of relaxing, reading, loving and playing then it will be time for dinner. I know just what I will make. Steak, asparagus, and baked potatoes. A nice suitable wine and conversation. Then some kink moments, a bit of marking, bruising, and using. Then some aftercare that she and I haven’t tried yet. I will bathe her, wash every bit of her. Her hair, her body, her legs, her feet. Then carefully dry her and put her into bed. A well used, well loved, well cared for little slut.

Why would I do all of this? After all, I am the Dom and she is the sub. She is meant to take care of me. But the thing of it is that I am supposed to take care of her. Look after her and let her know how important she is to me in every way. Many would say that in this situation I am not being Dom, that all of these things are her job, but as I have I said before, we are equals who have negotiated an inequality. If I am never willing to pay attention to her needs, even the ones that she doesn’t often mention or talk about then we are not partners.

She is amazing and wonderful and is always working at understanding her submission and our relationship and doing an entire day of what might be considered aftercare.

And would make me a better Dom and a great way to show my indulgence.


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