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Life During Wartime

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Life During Wartime

It isn’t exactly a war and yet we have all taken shelter.

She has sent me a great many letters to help me with my “Woe” (a subject for another post) and each of them is more moving than the last. I savor them. I treasure them. I have a system, before I read her latest letter to me I go back and read all the ones she has sent me before, in order. It draws out the moment and builds my anticipation until I read her current missive to me. And, if you look at the top of the image you can see Manfred the Marmoset (another gift from her) and he is always there for letter reading time.

This is so sweet and touching and means so much to me that I can’t even properly express it. That she would take the time to write these out to me just blows me away. I know that I should reciprocate but I have to be honest , my handwriting is so horribly bad that I have been asked if it could be used as an example of terrible handwriting.

Yep, that is my actual handwriting. So writing letters back is right out. So I have to show my care for her in other ways and I try very hard to do that. It isn’t easy with isolation and the lack of available travel because, even though I think that visiting my girlfriend should be call essential travel I don’t think that the border agents will agree. So online only it is for the moment. But she goes a long way everyday to make that distance feel as small as possible and the time until we are together again just a blink of an eye.

I will do everything I can to help her feel the way she makes me feel. Loved, safe, cherished, desired and so much more, but maybe I will have to find a way that isn’t handwritten letters

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