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Dom tasks

In many D/s relationships the submissive has tasks. But what about the Dom, do they have tasks too? To some that is a ridiculous question. But I don’t think so, I think that while Doms don’t have tasks they do have responsibilities. Keeping to those responsibilities is key. I have forgotten that in the past and I won’t do that again.

Building a relationship takes work and attention on both sides. Even more so when it is an LDR. Staying connected takes a lot of time and effort and that most definitely includes the Dom and the sub setting expectations for each other. So for example I started to leave Lillith a voice message every night just as I was getting ready to go to sleep. And I have sent one every night, except that one night the technology failed and it didn’t send. She was disappointed when she woke and there was no message and that is what prompted (as well as thinking about tasks) this post.

As I have said there are many expectations placed on the submissive, all depending on the nature of the D/s relationship. Some have many rules and tasks and some have few or none. They often wear a collar or some other symbol to mark their submission.

Now Lillith wears a locked bracelet and I wear the key on a chain around my neck and I also wear a bracelet that she gave me. While I don’t have any rules about wearing those everyday I know that she would be disappointed if I did and to he honest I would feel naked without them.

I don’t have any tasks or rules, there are expectations set by precedent and they are every bit important as the rules and tasks I set for her.

Well, I should say that there is one rule I have. That I prove myself worthy of her submission every single day. That is a rule that I intend to keep.


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