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Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

I posed a question last night about the use of the word play for a kink moment in D/s and asked if anyone had a better word. The responses I got were mostly what is wrong with the word play? In the audio I attempt (poorly) to talk about why I don’t like the word play and then wander off into other things.

3 thoughts on “Playing with Fire”

    I enjoyed your recording and think you should add them to your posts more often! I do see what you are trying to explain about the word “play” (and also the other ones you mentioned). Would the word “bonding” maybe work better for you? It carries with it a much deeper and personal feeling than the others and might be a better fit to what you’re looking for.

    Hi HK,
    Thank for your comment and I plan to do more audio recordings and I thank you also for your suggestion 🙂


    I see where you’re coming from with “play” but, for me, I like it. I think the reason it works for me, now anyway, is because it reminds me that it’s fun and I have a tendency to go a little too all-in cos reasons so the term “play” helps me to go in with a slightly different attitude, I guess.
    That said, “play” also has mostly kinky connotations for me. I’ve use the word for a long time now in almost exclusively kinky settings so for me it means all the things you are looking for a word to mean too, because that’s what I associate with it.

    I’m sure there is a word that would suit you better, maybe try some other languages?

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