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A rose by any other name…

In my post Of your own free will I mentioned some names that the Dom might be called, and when I was thinking about what to write next it made me think about the names we call each other, both in the wider world and in more kink friendly circumstances.

Some kink appellations can be used in most public places, like a sub calling her Dom “Sir”. It might raise a few eyebrows but mostly it will pass unnoticed. I have been a bit more bold than others might be by calling Cara “kitten” in public, but no one has ever batted an eye. And if there is an large enough age gap then you might even get away with Daddy (so long as you don’t start doing a full lip lock moments later) but most of the names we choose to use for each other aren’t for mass consumption.

As usual my mind started drifting through all the nicknames and endearments that people call each other. I myself, in other times, was known as “Mr Sir”, or “Mr Sir Pooh Pooh”. I know many Doms that wouldn’t appreciate those nicknames, but they always made me smile. I like having nicknames for people, and getting nicknames, some for the vanilla world and some for the kink world and some that are shared just between me and someone else.

Names are important. They express so much about how we feel about the people that are closest to us. I have always chosen the nicknames I call others in my life very carefully. Sometimes I will try one on for size, only to later reject it because it doesn’t capture how I feel. It is one of those tiny but important parts of a relationship and in my opinion even more so in kink relationship.
So do you have any nicknames for someone special in your life?
When a relationship ends or changes do you use those names for someone else, or are they unique to each person?
Do you have a nickname you love, or hate?

So leave a comment and tell me what these names mean to you.


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23 thoughts on “A rose by any other name…”

    We don’t really do it, I will sometimes whisper Sir or type it and he will type Sweetgirl in texts but in public we don’t really use d/s names

    My wife, who I often refer to as ‘G’ on Twitter or my blog, well the ‘G’ is short for ‘Gorgeous’, my nickname for her (for she has a gorgeous body, face and mind!)

    I called my second girlfriend “kitty”. Not in the same way you call Cara “kitten” – this wasn’t a D/s thing, or anything – but because she was slinky and independent like a cat, and soft and cuddly, like a kitten. She called me “Ba”. I’m still not sure what it was short for. I think it might have been a bear. I’m nothing at all like a bear.

    My fourth and current girlfriend I also call “kitty”, for completely different reasons. She likes cats a lot, and she adores mine, whom she considers a friend. She is cute, and sweet, like a kitty, so when I first called her “kitty”, it seemed to fit. She’s a very different kitty from my previous one, but it’s a universal nickname that kind of has multiple applications. In public, I call her “Kit” – which isn’t her name, but it sounds like a real name. Actually saying “kitty” out loud makes it sound a little D/s… which, of course, it isn’t.

    I’ve still no idea what “Ba” means, though.

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