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am I good enough

Am I good enough?

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We all worry about this. Are we good enough? Good enough in all the ways we need to be good. Am I a good enough partner? Am I a good enough lover, worker, writer, dominant, submissive? Even when we are feeling at our best and the world is ticking along as planned it can still sneak up on us and trash our day in an instant. Suddenly that feeling of… Read More »Am I good enough?

halcyon days

My Halcyon Days Are Ahead of Me

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Halycon days are reflections of the past. Memories of days that were times of peace, happiness and contentment. The word itself comes from the story of Alcyone. When her husband died in a shipwreck, Alcyone threw herself into the sea whereupon the gods transformed them both into halcyon birds (kingfishers). When Alcyone made her nest on the beach, waves threatened to destroy it. Aeolus restrained his winds and kept them… Read More »My Halcyon Days Are Ahead of Me