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The Tears of a Clown

  • Michael 
The Tears of a Clown


While the so called “femdom” is just a sick roleplaying fetish for weak manginas and penis-envious feminists, but Maledom is just the natural and healthy law of human nature, which determines that Male is the Superior sex.

Ahh, the plight of the White, Cis, Male, Dom. So desperate for relevance, so fragile of ego, so full of misogyny that all he can do is lash out to prevent going the way of the dinosaurs. In the end all we are left with is the tears of a clown.

It is hard not to bite back with anger at the statement that Lillith has found for this prompt. Angry is easy, and frankly, justified. But most of my anger is in reserve for the other bigger things going on in the world. To be honest this is a big thing. It is the attitude of so many RWNJ’s and it deserves attention. But instead of giving them my anger which oddly, will only make them think that they are right because they triggered a snowflake I instead will offer them my pity because a bully can’t deal with pity, it takes away there self importance and reduces them to an annoying insect.

I pity them because their world view is so narrow that they can not see any other way to be than the way they are. They can’t see that maybe other people don’t want to be like them and find their own path to happiness. They build themselves a cage of performative, toxic, masculinity lock the door and throw away the key. And they want everyone else to share their cage, to be locked into the roles that they have deigned as worthy and to disparage with them any that they deem as unworthy.

It makes them feel powerful without having earned that power because ‘That is how it has always been’.

Yes, I do conform to their model of what a dom is because I look like them(ish) and I have a hetero d/s relationship. But I am nothing like them in one very key area. I don’t have their arrogance and they mistake arrogance for dominance. I know that I don’t know it all and even what I do know is subject to change. I may be a stubborn old bastard about some things, but at the end of the day I know how to do what is right.

This is a brilliant quote to illustrate that there truly is No True Way and that what works for you is just that. There have been many inspirational Femdoms who I have encountered along my journey and I have learned more from them than I have any clowndom™ that I have met along the way. One real life version that I met popped into my head as the prime example of this, and some people that know me might have heard the story of ‘Well, if you don’t know who Cobra is, then you really aren’t anyone in the BDSM community’

Our Twue Uberdom in the quote only knows how to play a dom and I suspect in reality is deeply unhappy and cries the tears of a clown when no one is around.


No True Way

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