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Take a Knee

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Take a knee


A profound act of devotion

The beginning of submission

The surest way to get my attention

We see the pictures everywhere don’t we? Almost always in black and white. He is wearing a suit and of course he has no head. She is naked except for maybe a collar and a leash and on her knees.

It is the stereotypical image of d/s and there is nothing wrong with that. Kneeling to demonstrate submission is very appealing and if you are young you can probably manage it for a while.

But kneeling is not the true beginning of submission. It can be a part of it if you are physically able to do it. But for me the beginning of submission is in the mind not with the body. Exactly the same with dominance, it begins in the mind.

The physical demonstrations of dominance or submission are meaningless without the mindset that d/s is built on. If you kneel and your heart and soul aren’t in it, what does it truly mean? Not much in my book. I need the heart and mind, both mine and hers to be striving towards the same goal.

Age and physical difficulties can make the mainstream visible manifestations of d/s impossible, that doesn’t mean that if you can’t kneel or can’t spank or can’t do any of the other things that are presented as the right way to be d/s that your d/s is wrong, or less. It just means that is different.

You need to work out what is right for you and find joy in the things you can do and want to do and if anyone tells you that you must kneel, well, they are wrong. You show your submission or dominance in whatever way works for the people involved and I will cheer you on.

After all it would be boring if we all just took a knee.


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