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What Makes a Man

What makes a man who he is? Is it the worst things he has ever done? Or the best things he wants to be⁸?

These thoughts weigh on my mind every day. I have not yet found any answer that feels right and maybe I never will. Maybe it is impossible for me to determine and it must be decided by those I have impacted along the way.

I do know that is no reset button that makes it possible to make different choices and maybe hurt fewer people along the way. If only there was and it was possible to rewrite history.

But do overs don’t exist and so all I can do is pick up the pieces and try to do all I can to make amends. I am fully aware that some wounds don’t ever heal and maybe all that you can do is accept that.

In the end I will have to accept that is the best that can be done and work to avoid making the same mistakes again and hope that the best things that I want to be are enough.

I hope that it is.


2 thoughts on “What Makes a Man”

    I have only just read this and this hits the right spot for me. It both sums up how I’ve been feeling recently and that I have to learn from my mistakes and do my best to become a better me.

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