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Manfred Marmoset

Manfred Marmoset
Hudson meets Manfred

Yep, I have a stuffie. He was a gift from Lillith and he lives on my desk and every time I look at him I am reminded of her and that always makes me smile.

Stuffies exist for a reason, often as children the world is big and scary and we want something to cling to. As we age we are taught, and often mocked that we should not need that. We should be able to cope with the world without some sort of object that comforts us. I think that is a way in which we lose some of the most precious things that we have as children. The ability to turn to the simple things for support.

Your attachment to your stuffie carries weight, they are a valuable, and meaningful part of life and should remain that way for all of your life. Deriding people for using anything that brings them comfort in times of difficulty is just mean. I think that is often more recognized in D/s than it is in the vanilla world but there are oddly some socially acceptable ways for people to find that comfort. The Disney fans are a prime example. They devour all things Disney related, the movies, the TV shows and even trips to the Magic Kingdom itself. Most people don’t even bat an eye at this. But in my mind it is a sublimation of this need for comfort and socially acceptable escape that used to be provided by a well loved toy.

Even Hudson has his own friend.

Manfred Marmoset
Hudson and his Penguin

Lillith has her own stuffed animal. I look forward to what she has to say about it, about what it means or does not mean to her. No matter how it is part of her life I am glad I got it for her and I think it helps at least a little during our separation. I know Manfred has a special place in my life and I finally have the Marmoset I have always wanted, because for me, you can’t say Marmoset and not smile.


1 thought on “Manfred Marmoset”

    It’s funny, other than as a baby I’ve never sought comfort in a toy. Even now my comfort comes from hugging and sobbing a pillow. It’s no different, it just doesn’t have eyes!

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