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Moose Hide

Moose Hide

I love delivering a good flogging. Now don’t get me wrong I love all kinds of impact play. But flogging has a special appeal to me.

The very first piece of kink kit I ever bought was a flogger. It was made to order by a friend of mine in California. It is long and heavy and feels like an extension of my arm when I hold it.

It is made of Moose hide and it is the softest leather I have ever felt in a flogger. That same leather extends all the way up and is woven into the handle for an amazing grip. It has heft, weight, authority, but that is all down to how your use it. It can caress the body, fifty soft tongues sliding across bare skin, shivers often result. You can use it for thud, for bite and in more ways than you can imagine.

Here is what makes it really work for me. The totality of it all. The sounds of the flogger, of her. The way that I feel my whole body engaged, the way my focus narrows and expands at the same time. That is where I find my Dom space. I concentrate on her, how she reacts to every strike. Does she like it when I let the tails wrap? Does she like it more when I make it thud? On her bottom? On her back? Harder? Faster? Slower? Rhythmically (never in time with music)? Arrhythmically? Or some changing variation of all of that.

All while paying attention to her to make sure it is just right, that she joins me in that place where we are joined in this moment. I am seldom so alive as I am in these moments. We are partners in an intricate dance of pain and pleasure, a duet of sound and exertion and we both end it exhausted but exalted, until it is done.

And then the sweetness of aftercare, not just for her, but for me as well. When I wrap her in my arms and kiss her and stroke her and we both melt into each other and recover from the high. My arms aching and sweaty and her bottoms warm and glowing. Praising her for being a good girl. Hearing her sigh with happiness.

I will being seeing her soon and while I have not been able to give Lillith a real flogging yet I hope that will change very soon. I want to share this with her.


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