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Eye of the Beholder

I recently complained that there was no representation of my body type in the images used to portray BDSM. You know what those pictures typically look like. A fit man in a suit or shirtless with a naked slim woman on her knees. And it is almost always in black and white.

I am not a fan, sure, kink can be art, but for me these portrayals remove the grittiness of BDSM. The sweat, the heat, the connection. The rawness of sharing that level of deep connection that is lost in trying to be arty.

After I tweeted about it Molly replied…

The result is the picture for this post. It was Molly’s idea, and Molly’s hard work and I just supplied the old white man model. Sadly I do not have my Lillith here to add her to the picture. But if she had been, there is no one I would trust more than Molly to capture what we are to each other. She truly has a gift. Hopefully this is what Lillith sees as she is the eye of the beholder.

So here I am, just me, just a Dom, and just in love.

She is mine

I own her

She belongs to me

of her own free will.

Eye of the Beholder
Sinful Sunday

7 thoughts on “Eye of the Beholder”

    I hear you, I donโ€™t feel particularly represented either. In fact, I think very few of us fit those stereotypical 50 shadesque images.

    Personally, for me, it isn’t what someone wears or even what someone looks like… It is their voice, their tone, the air, and vibes they give off! I do understand how it can feel though – we are drilled to believe the suity domly vibe… Suit up, Michael – we need to see this just wasn’t an excuse to get naked! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t know how anyone could look at this photo and think you are anything but incredibly good looking, because *damn*. I love your recent photo collaborations with Molly – and I agree that we need way more representation in BDSM images. (And yeah, I know I’m saying that as the skinny, white, afab person who *IS* represented in 98% of those images…)

    I am really pleased with this image. I had an idea in my head and that can often mean it never comes out quite how I imaged but this time it really did.


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