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Make Believe

Make Believe

What we believe is what we are. That is my theory anyway. There is some scientific evidence that suggests that the universe we live in is a hologram. that at the most basic level everything is made up of quantum foam, where particles seem to pop in and out of existence. When you try to observe the behavior of sub atomic particles they tend to act differently when they are observed. This has lead some to suggest that because we are a conscious part of this quantum universe that we affect the universe and in some way define it. I like this concept, whether it is true or not, that our minds perceiving things in some way makes them real.

While all of that is just a theory I think that at the very least it applies to ourselves and our lives. That a strong belief in ourselves can make that belief real. The trouble is that most people don’t think that they are any good, they are plagued with doubt. I am not smart enough, I am not talented enough, I am not good looking enough, and any success that we have had is just a lucky accident, and soon enough everyone will find out what a fraud we are. Worse still we doubt the people around use when they tell us that we are wonderful. I was recently told that I had a voice like “crushed velvet” and I think I sound very nasal. And just like everyone else I find it far easier to tell others the wonderful things than it is for me to accept when others say nice things about me.

Now maybe it is the circle of people I hang with but I find that especially true of the submissives I know. They often are worried that they are not good enough or submissive enough or too needy or not worthy. It makes some of them stay in situations that aren’t right for them because it is obviously their fault as it is obvious that the fault must be with them.

For all of my many faults ( and they are multitudinous ) I have always tried my best to tell those in my life that they are good enough, strong enough, smart enough, beautiful enough. I haven’t always succeeded and sometime I have even gotten in the way of helping someone be just who they are. I am trying to be better at that, along with so many other things that I have gotten wrong in my past.

And that brings me to the point and title of this post, make believe. I choose to interpret it differently than just another name for fantasy, here I mean it to make what you believe to be real and true, what I believe about you and what you believe about me. Because if we start believing the good things that others see in us is true and that do the same then there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

So I am asking you, come, and make believe with me.


3 thoughts on “Make Believe”

    Oh boy I get this so much, feeling like a fraud that will one day get found out. If we believe it will make it more likely to happen, I will try to follow these words, no promises though.

    This is how I use intentions and affirmations. I write them out as if they were true and say them to myself until i believe them, with the hope that that will make them come into being. Some might call that silly, but honestly, it works. My current affirmation is “I am the wife He needs me to be.” It is how I become something, through intention, affirmation, and practice. I make believe, you might say, until it becomes my reality.

    Lovely post.

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