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fake check

Glue Bottle with leaking glue for Fake Check

Faking orgasms, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Who the hell knows, but I do know a few things. One of the things I know is that at least one person you have had sex with has faked it at least once and probably far more than one or once. Any guy who thinks that no woman has ever faked it with him is delusional at best.

But I am here to talk about the flip side of the coin, because I have to tell you something that might be news for some of you.

I have faked orgasms too. I know what you are thinking (probably) how can a man fake an orgasm? Well it isn’t possible with oral sex. But it certainly be faked with PiV sex. Because I have done it, and way more than once.

Some context for this, in brief, once upon a time in my late teen years I was homeless and picked up women in local bars for a warm place to sleep, a hot shower and if I was lucky maybe some breakfast. What they got in exchange was sex. This was in the 70’s when I may have been mildly attractive and there was alcohol involved on their part. I was fairly driven to be successful because if I failed I faced a very cold night, or a very hot one in the summer. As you can imagine having sex 5-7 nights a week taxed even the sexual ability of a 17 year old boy. So sometime I had to fake an orgasm. I could always manage an erection, but sometimes making it over the hump just wasn’t going to happen.

I know men have a reputation for needing the self esteem boost that comes with giving a woman an orgasm and that is often why women fake orgasms because that is much simpler than dealing with the bruised ego of a man. The male orgasm is frankly considered easy to achieve and expected. The fact that it may have its moments of being as elusive as the female orgasm isn’t often considered. I learned very quickly that when I didn’t come it would not go well and that if they knew I didn’t come, there would be no chance that they would do it again and in the semi rural are I lived in repeat engagements were very important.

So I learned how to fake it. I learned how to make the right noises and how to clench my pelvic floor muscles to simulate ejaculation. A trip to the bathroom to remove the condom and voila, if you have done it right no one knows the difference. Did I see any harm in doing this? No, I always did my best to leave them satisfied (not that I always succeeded) and they always seemed happier if I appeared to be satisfied as well.

In retrospect (because who is very self aware at 17) I wonder if any of them faked it while I faked it?


4 thoughts on “fake check”

    Interesting post. I have often wondered about guys faking it. Indeed one of my ex’s told me how he did it once with an ex of his but of course, the way you have described, with a condom it is easily possible. Thanks for linking up- it is great to get the male view point. We have a guest post on F4T from Woode – he talks about ways he faked it too.Fascinating πŸ˜‰

    I wonder whether it’s as easy to fake an orgasm without a condom….
    I have decided for myself that faking is neither good for me or the man I’m with.
    Never would I go back to faking it.

    It’s really interesting to read this. I guess I always imagined young men could come at the drop of a hat (as it were). Really good to see a male point of view on this.

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