New Signs

A New Beginning


Something about fear and d/s

For this edition of #NTW the quote is: For the Dominant: Create a sense of fear I am sure that there are people who get off on fear, from both…

You’re Not Fully Dressed

She was getting dressed to go to work while I made the coffee. As always I had to approve the panties she wore each day. I called her to come…

Kink, Consent, and the Whole World.

Consent is a tricky thing no matter what people say. There have been many attempts to explain consent, mostly in a sexual context. Like the tea analogy. Simple right? You…

The Tears of a Clown

MALEDOM IS NOT A FETISH While the so called “femdom” is just a sick roleplaying fetish for weak manginas and penis-envious feminists, but Maledom is just the natural and healthy…
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