New Signs

A New Beginning


Beyond Question

A submissive shouldn’t question a Dominant’s orders. It’s not a submissive’s position to know what a dominant’s reasons are. A submissive shouldn’t question a Dominant’s orders. They should just do…

The Willing Bondage of Consent

I have been thinking about us recently. To be completely honest I think about us a lot. I am doing my best to be a better boyfriend and dom and…

I love Vanilla

I use vanilla in almost everything I bake. As far as I am concerned is it is a magical ingredient that makes everything I make taste better. My cakes and…

The Dark Side of the Moon

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but for me kink isn’t dark. It is not me exposing the evil core of my soul. It isn’t…

Just a Drop in the Ocean

I think I am having a bit of relationship drop. We recently had ten days of bliss. Non stop time together and it was amazing. Unlike both of our other…

One Title to Rule Them All

Dominants tend to be the “Alpha Male”, and that is why “Dom” is always spelled with a capital, while “sub” is always lowercase. People love rules. They love to impose…
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