New Signs

A New Beginning


Just a Drop in the Ocean

I think I am having a bit of relationship drop. We recently had ten days of bliss. Non stop time together and it was amazing. Unlike both of our other…

One Title to Rule Them All

Dominants tend to be the “Alpha Male”, and that is why “Dom” is always spelled with a capital, while “sub” is always lowercase. People love rules. They love to impose…

Terms of Service

One of the things on the list for our last visit was a day of service. This was something new for both of us, well certainly for me at least,…

Guilty as Charged

I was born and indoctrinated a Roman Catholic. As you may of may not know it is a religion based on shame and guilt. It was baked into my life…

I belong to you, you belong to me.

The latest #NoTrueWay prompt is the question “Who do you belong to?” You might think that because Lillith and I are in a D/s relationship that would be easy to…
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