New Signs

A New Beginning


Mean Day™ 11/5/21

Hi my little slut. Welcome to another Mean Day™. As I always I try to be a creative as I can in giving you your instructions for Mean Day™ and…

Waiting for my ship to come in

I have a playlist that I listen to, mostly Friday to Saturday. It isn’t a long playlist, but it spans decades and genres of music. I am listening to it…

Switch Hitter

A switch is not a real dom/sub No one is just one thing. I mean, some people are, but I don’t think that is very healthy. We all live on…

What Makes Her A Good Girl

A good girl is always available. Why of course, why wouldn’t she be? She is a good girl after all. Always ready to serve and please whenever the whim should…

Don’t Ask Why

Submission appeals to responsible, hard working and independent women, because it takes them to a world free from those pressures. Why does it only have to be one way? Of…
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