New Signs

A New Beginning


Love and Filth and Pain Oh My

My little slut was expressing some thoughts about the seeming contradiction between BDSM and your partner being mushy and romantic and loving. And I can see how many people might…

There and Back Again

Kink in Real Life and Real Life in Kink I was recently asked about which aspects of your kinks you show in public and what the transition is like when…

It’s Magic

We live surrounded by magic. I don’t mean the Abracadabra kind of magic, I mean the everyday kind that makes itself known in the mundanity of everyday life. Those things…

A Dom in Love

And I am sure there are many who will wonder “Already?” I know that it could be seen like that. Now in spite of the fact that I am very…
5 Women

The Five Women of my Decade

So as the decade draws to a close I have been giving a great deal of thought to that time and what has happened over those years. Most of the…

Sense and Synchronicity

And Serendipity.. Two of the three things in the title I have had in my life in abundance, the one missing? Well that would be sense. Synchronicity and serendipity seem…
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