New Signs

A New Beginning


Taboo to you

I have many passing thoughts, some are silly, some are deep (at least I think so) and some just keep bouncing around in my head until I have the time…

Pride and Joy

The world has not improved in many way since I was a teen. Mostly the future I had hoped for mostly hasn’t come to pass and in many ways we…

Before, during, and aftercare

Mean week just ended. Lillith had mentioned when that week started that she was going to need a lot of aftercare (see Lillith’s note), and that was very good of…

Dom tasks

In many D/s relationships the submissive has tasks. But what about the Dom, do they have tasks too? To some that is a ridiculous question. But I don’t think so,…

A Crying Shame

If you didn’t know this already, I have ED. You might wonder why this is something anyone would write a blog post about. I have decided to talk about this…

There’s no place like…

I don’t even need to finish that sentence and you know what I mean. There are a lot of idioms about home but the one that has always rung true…
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