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Mean Day™ 12/4/2022


  1. I want a video of your affirmation
  2. Instead of pictures of you peeing I want videos because I like them so much

3. I want to see my cunt as often as possible. Whenever you have any opportunity I want you to take a picture.

4. At least once when you show me my cunt I want it to be a video that includes you pulling down your panties to show me what I own.

5. I want an audio recording telling me how much you enjoy being my cunt. You might want to spend a few minutes thinking about what you want to say and maybe even have some notes to help you.

6. You will be cunt all day

7. I will send you video messages throughout the day telling you how much I enjoy my cunt and how much I love my cunt. I want to know how you feel about these messages.

8. Mean day will end at 9 PM your time. I expect a message from you asking if my cunt has pleased me.

9. all other normal rules apply

I love you.