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Piss and vinegar

Full of Piss and Vinegar

This is your one chance to look away. I recently wrote a guest post for Joanne’s Reviews about this and maybe you should go and read that first. She went into the worlds oddest bathroom to have a shower. I say it was odd because strangely in this tiny AirBnB the toilet was in a room just off the kitchen and the shower/mini bath and sink were in another room… Read More »Full of Piss and Vinegar

The Gift

I woke to find myself alone in bed. She wasn’t there beside me. But there was a note on her pillow and a hot cup of coffee on the nightstand beside the bed. I took a sip of the steaming coffee, she had made it just the way I liked it. I smiled and pick up the note. “Dear Sir, I hope you slept well and that the coffee is… Read More »The Gift