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I want her to succeed. Always. When set a task, when being punished, when making changes to make her life better. Why would I ever want anything else. I want her strong, sure and confident. And to me that also means successful. After all, I can spank her, use her and fuck her whenever I want. The point of tasks is to help her. Help her with her submission. Help… Read More »Success

Show Your Work

Show Your Work

Anyone remember math class from school? I remember it very well in spite of the fact that it was an eternity ago. I was always pretty good at math, but my handwriting was so terrible that my homework and tests often got poor grades because of it. The one thing that came to my mind when I saw the prompt for Wicked Wednesday was perseverance was the one good thing… Read More »Show Your Work

5 Women

There and Back Again

Kink in Real Life and Real Life in Kink I was recently asked about which aspects of your kinks you show in public and what the transition is like when you are in a kink friendly environment.

It's Magic

It’s Magic

We live surrounded by magic. I don’t mean the Abracadabra kind of magic, I mean the everyday kind that makes itself known in the mundanity of everyday life. Those things that move your heart and bring you joy. A good cup of coffee or tea (If tea is your cup of tea) a cigarette, a rainbow, or a thunderstorm. Those things that happen each and everyday that we take for… Read More »It’s Magic

Five Women

The Five Women of my Decade

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So as the decade draws to a close I have been giving a great deal of thought to that time and what has happened over those years. Most of the positive role models in my life have been women. Mostly (please note that the word is mostly and not all)what I have learned from men is how not to behave, useful lesson but there are still a few of those… Read More »The Five Women of my Decade

Make Believe

Make Believe

What we believe is what we are. That is my theory anyway. There is some scientific evidence that suggests that the universe we live in is a hologram. that at the most basic level everything is made up of quantum foam, where particles seem to pop in and out of existence. When you try to observe the behavior of sub atomic particles they tend to act differently when they are… Read More »Make Believe