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Sinful Sunday


Airing My Dirty Laundry

Even when you really don’t go anywhere and spend all your time working from home, eventually you have to do the laundry. I know that Lillith and Molly despair at my laundry hanging skills.

The times they are a changing

The Times They are a Changing

I want to start by stating clearly that I am a cis, het, white, old male. I do not lay claim to pride, I only do my best to support those that need it. We live in interesting and difficult times. Everything has changed. Let’s face it the big obvious place where we can point to where it all went wrong, The end of the beginning and the beginning of… Read More »The Times They are a Changing

I, Penis

I Penis

The Sinful Sunday prompt this week is the letter I, I wondered what I could do for a picture. Now I am not very good at taking pictures and I thought of all kinds of words that start with the letter I, but nothing that I could take a picture of myself. I really wanted to do this one by myself. Sure, I live with one of the most talented… Read More »I Penis

It's a dogs life.

It’s a Dogs Life

Some of you may have noticed that we have a new addition to the household. He is a much adored little guy and while I have never been as cute as he is I figured I could be cute by association. So say hello to Hudson and leave him a comment. I am sure he would appreciate it. As always the concept, composition and capture of the photograph are all… Read More »It’s a Dogs Life

Eye of the Beholder

I recently complained that there was no representation of my body type in the images used to portray BDSM. You know what those pictures typically look like. A fit man in a suit or shirtless with a naked slim woman on her knees. And it is almost always in black and white. I am not a fan, sure, kink can be art, but for me these portrayals remove the grittiness… Read More »Eye of the Beholder

Picture This for SInful Sunday

Picture This

There are many pictures of her on my phone from her daily task, specific requests and the rarest photos of all. Those from our times together. We try to remind ourselves to that we need more pictures of us, together, but inevitably, we get caught up in just being in the same space and being in love and lust and having moments that we never manage to do that. I… Read More »Picture This

Old Lace

The lace isn’t old, but the man wearing it is. Now I don’t identify as anything but a cis het male and wearing lace doesn’t do anything for me. I have never asked Lillith if men wearing lace does anything for her. I know that when she wears it definitely does something for me. I took this picture for a couple of reasons but the one that was at the… Read More »Old Lace

Mop and Bucket

It’s no use crying over spilt evils. It’s better to mop them up laughing. — Eleanor Farjeon