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The Sixth Sensuality

Too often we think of thing to narrowly. That words have a single meaning and not many, if not multitudes. I love words, the way they make me feel, the way they rumble in my brain, the way they feel in my mouth. The power they have when unleashed. That seems to be the case when it comes to our senses. We take them for granted and limit their impact… Read More »The Sixth Sensuality

Taboo to you

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I have many passing thoughts, some are silly, some are deep (at least I think so) and some just keep bouncing around in my head until I have the time and space to let them out. The one that has been bouncing around lately is taboo. When thinking about kinks and where they come from I was left with only a few possibilities. Now this, as with so much of… Read More »Taboo to you

fake check

Faking orgasms, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Who the hell knows, but I do know a few things. One of the things I know is that at least one person you have had sex with has faked it at least once and probably far more than one or once. Any guy who thinks that no woman has ever faked it with him is delusional at best.… Read More »fake check