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dark side of the moon

The Dark Side of the Moon

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but for me kink isn’t dark. It is not me exposing the evil core of my soul. It isn’t a way to exorcise my demons or pass on abuse that has been done to me. I will never do kink angry, or intoxicated, or without the fully informed consent of my partner. It is just exploring things that turn… Read More »The Dark Side of the Moon


Freedom is just another word for nothing left to Lose

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This prompt will no doubt inspire many thoughts about what freedom is and what it means to them. And whether it can be taken away or not. For me freedom is an illusion. We are not truly free, we cannot do whatever we want regardless of the impact on other people. Otherwise society couldn’t function as we would all be acting solely based on our own self interest. The same… Read More »Freedom is just another word for nothing left to Lose


All We Have to Fear

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The rest of the saying goes; is fear itself. But my version is. All we have to fear, is ourselves. “Right on the edge of fear was where trust could grow.”― Cherise Sinclair My life has been full of fear. Fear that I would be beaten, at home, at school. Fear that I am not good enough. Fear that the people I love will leave me. Even at my most… Read More »All We Have to Fear