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Something to talk about

Something to talk about

Back in the 80’s and 90’s I did concert sound for many artists. Some I knew and some I had heard before and some I saw for the first time on the road. Bonnie Raitt I listened to her album Nick of Time many many times. I was really happy to find out that she would be playing at a festival I was working at in support of her new… Read More »Something to talk about

good enough

Good Enough

I have always striven to be a good man. I have often failed. That doesn’t stop me from trying again and again in the hope that this time, I might finally get it right. How I define being a good man has changed over the many years of my live and has been influenced by both those I love and respect and those that I do not. Mostly what my… Read More »Good Enough

Life during wartime letters

Life During Wartime

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It isn’t exactly a war and yet we have all taken shelter. She has sent me a great many letters to help me with my “Woe” (a subject for another post) and each of them is more moving than the last. I savor them. I treasure them. I have a system, before I read her latest letter to me I go back and read all the ones she has sent… Read More »Life During Wartime


Reading Rainbow

My earliest memory is of escaping into a book. I wasn’t always the outgoing person I am today. I was a shy, introverted child. I spent most of my time alone. Well, not really alone. I had my books and the worlds inside the pages and the characters that populated those worlds. The happiest day of my young life was when I was old enough for a library card all… Read More »Reading Rainbow

Show Your Work

Show Your Work

Anyone remember math class from school? I remember it very well in spite of the fact that it was an eternity ago. I was always pretty good at math, but my handwriting was so terrible that my homework and tests often got poor grades because of it. The one thing that came to my mind when I saw the prompt for Wicked Wednesday was perseverance was the one good thing… Read More »Show Your Work

A Feast of Love

A Feast of Love

Most people know that I love to cook. It brings me great joy. Not just in the act of creating a meal, but it how it is received by the people who consume it. There is a peace and calmness that comes with making a meal. The steps and the and timing of getting it all done so that everything is ready at once makes me focus and in a… Read More »A Feast of Love

We belong in Paris

You belong to me, I belong to you and we belong in Paris

The title is true, mostly, the first part is absolutely true and while we do belong in Paris, it really could be any city in any country, anywhere in the world. Because the place doesn’t matter. Only one thing matters and that is that we are together. This will be our second time together and if the first was any indication I expect it will be just like that, only… Read More »You belong to me, I belong to you and we belong in Paris

Something more, than a house of cards.

A House of Cards

I have been thinking about co dependency a lot. I read up on the many many books and articles about what it is, how to break free from it and how bad it is for you. The thing is, I am not sure I agree with that completely. Yes, it can be bad and controlling and destroy lives in many cases. But it has become to be cast in a… Read More »A House of Cards

A Black Heart

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Most of us have learned that love is pain. By a certain age most of us have had a few relationships fail. That pain of your first heartbreak, that endures. The passage of time doesn’t make it any better. Every time your heart is broken you get to feel that pain again, each successive loss of love piles on top of the previous one. Ad infinitum. Eventually you start to… Read More »A Black Heart

Oatmeal Crunchies for Devil's food

Devil’s Food

I know neither of the following recipes are about Devil’s Food cake but rather I am the devil making the food. I love to cook and bake. It feeds the caring part of me and it is how I show people how I feel about them. A way to express love. I don’t just slap things together (well, mostly I don’t) but spend time thinking about what people might like… Read More »Devil’s Food