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The willing bondage of consent

The Willing Bondage of Consent

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I have been thinking about us recently. To be completely honest I think about us a lot. I am doing my best to be a better boyfriend and dom and so I am constantly reviewing what we have done, what we will do and what we might do. Since my brain is fairly broken my thoughts often go to different place that is distant from where I started and this… Read More »The Willing Bondage of Consent


I belong to you, you belong to me.

The latest #NoTrueWay prompt is the question “Who do you belong to?” You might think that because Lillith and I are in a D/s relationship that would be easy to answer, right? Obviously she belongs to me… but it isn’t that simple. She is my sub, my girlfriend, my partner and I am her Dom, her boyfriend and her partner. We belong, as much as anyone can to each other.… Read More »I belong to you, you belong to me.

a girl in cuffs and fishnets for consent

Porn, Consent and BDSM

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So the flames of porn wars are being stoked again. And of course BDSM is called into question. A recent article in The Metro (that link prevents them from getting any SEO juice) is warning all of us again about the horrors of porn and more specifically about Pornhub. Now don’t get me wrong, Tube sites suck. They have created a monopoly on porn and have made it hard to… Read More »Porn, Consent and BDSM