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Kneeling woman for Like is Simile

Like is a Simile

I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you like I love youLike I hate youLike I want to hurt youLike you were made to be fuckedLike yours is the last cunt I will ever fuck As you were made to be fucked until we are both sore and sated I want to use you. Like a toy Like a plaything Like my own fuckdollLike a hole to use… Read More »Like is a Simile

Another Goodbye

Another day and another goodbye, the end of one thing, the end of a year and the beginning of something new and wonderful. I am sure you are all going to get very tired of my voice πŸ™‚ Michael

Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

I posed a question last night about the use of the word play for a kink moment in D/s and asked if anyone had a better word. The responses I got were mostly what is wrong with the word play? In the audio I attempt (poorly) to talk about why I don’t like the word play and then wander off into other things.