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I was @domsigns on Twitter and for a brief time I was @uncertainsigns and that account still exists because I don’t want to forget all the history and connections that account brought me.

Elust 125 and all that Jazz

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Photo courtesy of Focused and Filthy Welcome to Elust 125– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #125? Start with the rules, come back January 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for… Read More »Elust 125 and all that Jazz


Crime and Punishment

And Forgiveness I have decided to try something different and record some audio for my thoughts on this. My apologies if I ramble. Let me know if I should do this again, or not.

Make Believe

Make Believe

What we believe is what we are. That is my theory anyway. There is some scientific evidence that suggests that the universe we live in is a hologram. that at the most basic level everything is made up of quantum foam, where particles seem to pop in and out of existence. When you try to observe the behavior of sub atomic particles they tend to act differently when they are… Read More »Make Believe

Image of a perfect storm

A Perfect Storm

So this post isn’t about one thing but rather two. The first is that Lillith and I have met in person. It was brilliant in ways that I am not sure I can explain just yet. It was the culmination of a perfect storm of events. I had recently finished destroying my last relationship and seriously damaging my other. While I am completely to blame for all of this, but… Read More »A Perfect Storm

What do you mean written on a sidewalk

This is what I mean

A friend recently asked me about kink and impact play and bruises. “What is it that you like about that if I may ask? I wonder what goes through a guy’s mind?” As often happens when I am asked questions like this my mind immediately jumped to several answers that kind of got my point across, but with reflection I thought that maybe I could expand on those answers and… Read More »This is what I mean

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day that we meet. It seems like it was a long time coming and yet at the same time it seems like it was only moments ago you sent me a DM and we started talking. Now, as I write this there are thirteen hours left until we meet in person. We have shared many things about ourselves and not just fun, sexy stuff. But our views… Read More »Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

That Little Click

There is a moment coming soon. Something unexpected but very desired. A moment when things will come together in a single place and time. Where questions that have been asked will be answered, and the truth of things will be made clear. Or not. I know what I believe will happen, that the connection that up to now only exists at a distance will become a connection made more intense… Read More »That Little Click

fake check

Faking orgasms, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Who the hell knows, but I do know a few things. One of the things I know is that at least one person you have had sex with has faked it at least once and probably far more than one or once. Any guy who thinks that no woman has ever faked it with him is delusional at best.… Read More »fake check

Speculume for Cross Examination

Cross Examination

Doctor Zhivago checked that all was in readiness for his next client. He had received extensive notes on this case and had made many preparations. “Nurse!” he called. “Bring her in.” The nurse led the naked redhead into the exam room using a leash attached to a collar around her neck. “She has had all of her holes thoroughly cleaned and is ready for your inspection.” The nurse said as… Read More »Cross Examination

A thanksgiving image for a debt of gratitude

A debt of gratitude

I am grateful to my past because it brought me to my present. I am grateful to my present because it will bring me to my future. I am grateful for my future because I have one. So you might not think I have a lot to be grateful for, given the way things have worked out. But you would be wrong. I Have had many ups and downs over… Read More »A debt of gratitude