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Break Down

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Break Down

A submissive needs to be broken down by their dominant.

It’s a hot d/s concept, right? The dom breaks the sub down to a quivering obedient shell, then the dom builds them back up again. It is cathartic and builds a closer and binding connection.

The thing is the need to separate fantasy from the real life that most of us have to live. You know, the one where we have to work and clean and cook and have goals? Life gets in the way of changing the fantasy of a d/s life into practice, not to mention that if you really accomplished the goal neither of you might be all that pleased with the result.

I know that I don’t have the all encompassing knowledge to strip a car down to the bare bones and restore it. never mind doing that to a person. If I fuck up a car rebuild I can always start again. If I fuck up a person there is no way to fix what I broke.

I know that there are some that will believe that I am wrong, but I won’t gamble a person on my skills.

Sure, will we play with the edges and push things to the edge, but this seems a step too far for me to consider.

We have a lifetime of exploring to do, but not if we hurt what we are at our core. We will learn where the spaces we can play with that fantasy of a completely immersive d/s life, but I never want to break down all of what she is, all of what I am and all of what we are for an unrealistic fantasy.

I love her more than I can say and while we walk on the wild side I won’t go that far. We are too precious to break down all of that.

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