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Another Year Older

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Another Year Older

Today is my birthday. I don’t usually write about my birthday because to me it is just another day.

After all I had very little to do with being born or frankly even surviving those first two years. So mostly I don’t pay much mind to my own birthday.

Except for one thing that I do find very important. It is a day to be with the people I love and, the people who love me.

That makes this birthday very special because I got an amazing present. Just like I am funny about birthdays I am funny about presents too. I hate when people ask what I want because if I really want something I can get just the right thing myself. To me a birthday list strips away some of the joy of giving and receiving gifts.

When I give a gift I want to show that I am aware of their life and desires and find something that will make them happy when they receive and that their happiness on receiving that gift will spill over to me.

I want the same when someone chooses to give me a gift. To me the gift itself is not the important part it is that they have spent the time to know me and to use that knowledge to pick something that will make me smile.

That is exactly the gift I got for my birthday. Molly and Lillith planned something so amazing and wonderful that even writing about it now makes me tear up. These two amazing women worked together and planned for seven week to arrange for Lillith to be here for my birthday, all the while keeping it secret from me.

So five days ago I took the dog out for his evening walk and when I came around the corner into the kitchen there she was. My Lillith and I took her in my arms and did cry.

So today I will celebrate my birthday with people who love me and cared enough about my happiness to do something amazing for me.

So I am another year older but hugely lucky and that is the best gift that anyone could get me. The gift of people who love me.


P.S. As an extra added birthday bonus we are having Burger King for dinner. See what a simple man I am? πŸ™‚

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