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Southbound And Down

Southbound And Down

I love going down on a woman/man, but I’d never go down on my sub

People are ridiculous more often than not. They have strange notions and ideas and often confuse very different things.

This is a prime example of that. While d/s does include sex it does not encompass the entirety of sex.

What I mean is that if I decide that my sub is going to flog me or peg me that doesn’t change our roles. She is still sub and I am still dom. She is being told what to do and I am telling her what to do

Not that either of those examples are likely but if I decide that is what I want, that is what will happen (with her consent of course).

Likewise I don’t somehow give up my power by spreading her legs and feasting on her delicious cunt. I choose and unless she uses her safeword then my will is law.

Sex, any sex does not change our dynamic. It is always there and why would I deny myself things that I enjoy because of perception.

I do not, and will not. So I will lick my cunt and flip her over and rim her pretty ass and enjoy myself content in the knowledge that it doesn’t change what we are. It never will no matter what we do in bed.

As always you can do as you please and ignore me. I don’t mind if you make bad choices. Your sub might mind though.

As for me, I am Southbound and down.


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