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Care and Maintenance of Your Submissive: a Complete Guide

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A sub (or a dom) is not a car.

Maintenance spankings are necessary

While I understand the concept of the quote and maybe agree with it in principal, I personally feel that it reduces the concept of a d/s relationship to a car repair manual. People aren’t that simple. Once size does not fit all and there most certainly is no true way. There is only the way that works for you and your partner in kink.

The idea of maintenance spanking has its appeal. That your sub needs a reminder of what their place is. But it sounds too much like a tuneup or an oil change. Just do this thing and your sub will be good for another 10,000 miles of submission. There is no checklist for d/s.

There is just a constant need to check in. To find out where each of you are. To learn if things have gotten out of sync, or to take action if the two of you are headed in different directions. To take the steps to make sure that you are maintaining your connection every day.

I know it would be much easier for everyone if you could just look in an index and find the step by step answers to any malfunction you might encounter, order the parts you need and after a weekend of getting dirty you will be tooling down the road singing along with the radio. But you would miss the growth and joy of learning what works and what doesn’t and while that can be painful if you really work at it you can come out of it stronger than before. I think that is worth the effort.

Please keep in mind that it isn’t only your partner that needs work. The problem just might be you, I know in my case it is almost always me. A true partnership is vital to me and that means that I need to spend just as much time working on my dominance because you can’t have a coin with just one side.

So, yeah, maintain that connection, refresh the roots of your d/s. Just don’t look for a manual to do it.

Learn to do it together. Every. Single. Day. And all the days to come.


No True Way

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