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The Times They are a Changing

Photography by Mollysdailykiss. Makeup by The Dancing Queen. Mask by ht_honey, Emotional support dog Hudson
Love provided by my amazing girlfriend Lillith

I want to start by stating clearly that I am a cis, het, white, old male. I do not lay claim to pride, I only do my best to support those that need it.

We live in interesting and difficult times. Everything has changed. Let’s face it the big obvious place where we can point to where it all went wrong, The end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. Trumps election and Brexit. What these moments signified to me was when people felt they didn’t need to hide their racism, their misogyny, their transphobia and their cruelty. They could take inspiration from their idols and just say that it was Freedom of Speech, or Telling it like it is. or, just saying what everyone is thinking. These people used to be shamed by other people into acting better, to at least hiding their most antisocial behavior. Well, no longer, they get to be loud and proud of their hate.

Just remember, change is inevitable, growth is optional. I keep aiming for growth, come along with me, for the times they are a changing.


Sinful Sunday

6 thoughts on “The Times They are a Changing”

    Iโ€™m loving the make up btw and I may also have that very same mask.

    I agree with your words, we know exactly when the tide changed and we can only that tide will turn back again.

    I hope you don’t mind if I tell you that you look very queer in this image – for a white, het, cis guy – and I’m very into it. Love the creative team effort.

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